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Crawling Crab Toy

Crawling Crab Toy

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Enhance your child's imaginative play and develop motor skills! 

🦀 Crab-tivating Adventure

Turn playtime into an under-the-sea journey with our delightful crab crawler! This toy encourages imaginative play and helps develop important gross motor skills. Kids will love exploring the depths of their imaginations! 

Tummy Time Crab – SmartyTots™ |

🌊 Sideways Fun

Watch your little one giggle with joy as they master the art of the sideways crawl like a real crab! 🤸‍♂️ Active Play, Happy Kiddos. Encourage active play and motor skill development with the cutest crab companion.  🎨 Vibrant Colors, Happy Faces.Our crab comes in vibrant hues to captivate young minds and bring smiles to their faces!

Tummy Time Crab – SmartyTots™ |

🤔 Educational Discovery

Learn about marine life through interactive play - perfect for curious little explorers!🧡 Safe & Soft. Soft materials ensure safe play, letting your little one explore without any worry. 🌈 Versatile Indoor Fun: Rain or shine, our crab crawler brings the beach indoors for year-round play.

Tummy Time Crab – SmartyTots™ |

🔄 360° Playtime

With its multidirectional movement, the fun never stops—crab walk, sideways dance, and more!🌟 Parent-Approved Quality. Crafted with care for durability, providing a toy that stands the test of time.🏠 Compact & Convenient. Easy to store and carry, making it a perfect playmate for home or on-the-go adventures.


USB charging

Package contains a USB charging cable, efficient to charge and reduce battery waste that can harm the environment. Contains a sensing device. Equipped with a sensor, the crab will dodge any obstacles in its way.


🌟 Joyful Gift Idea

Surprise and delight birthdays or special occasions with a unique, imaginative gift.🤫 Quiet Playtime. Silent fun for parents – let the little ones play without the noise!🌊 Ocean of Imagination. Spark creativity as kids embark on imaginative journeys with their crabby friend.🌟 Customer Favorite. Join countless families who've made our crab crawler their go-to playtime companion!

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