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Splash-Saver Pet Hydration Station

Splash-Saver Pet Hydration Station

Keep your pet refreshed with no mess – perfect for thirsty companions at home or on-the-go!

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  • 🐾 No-spill design
  • 🧼 Easy to clean
  • 🐶 Slow-drinking safe
  • 🚗 Travel-friendly
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" Finally, a water bowl that doesn’t turn my kitchen into a swimming pool! My lab splashes water EVERYWHERE, but this bowl keeps the floor bone-dry. Lifesaver! "
Mary M.

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Tired of cleaning up after your pet’s water mess? 🚱

Say goodbye to splashes and spills with the Splash-Saver Pet Hydration Station. Its innovative floating bowl design means water stays in the bowl, not on your floor. Whether Rover is a messy drinker or you’re tired of stepping into puddles, this bowl is the neat solution you’ve been looking for!

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Hygienic hydration at your pet’s pace. 🐢

This unique bowl not only keeps your floors dry but also helps your pet drink more slowly and safely. The smart floating plate adjusts to your pet’s drinking, reducing gulping and the risk of bloat. It’s ideal for pets that drink too hastily or those with medical needs to manage their water intake.

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Struggle with pet bowls when traveling? 🚘

The Splash-Saver Pet Hydration Station is designed to withstand bumpy rides, ensuring that it doesn’t spill even on the roughest roads. With a large capacity and two convenient types, it's suitable for all your adventures: home, office, or the great outdoors.

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  • Dorothy D.

    "Tried every water bowl out there and this is the BEST 🌟. It’s seriously spared me from endless wiping. Plus, my cat's sensitive stomach seems to do much better with it!"

  • Lisa L.

    "So impressed with this bowl's design - easy take-apart to clean & the non-skid bottom means even my energetic pup can't slide it around. Also, no more wet chin or drippy jowls... perfect for my furry friend!"

  • Nancy N.

    "Took this bowl camping with my two dogs and it’s such a good buy! No water wasted and easy to refill. And cleaning? Just a quick rinse and done!"

  • Sandra S.

    "A game changer for car rides, it fits perfectly on the seat and not a drop spilled. Definitely recommend it!"


Don’t wait, get your own Splash-Saver Pet Hydration Station today with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Try the Splash-Saver Pet Hydration Station risk-free! We’re confident in our product, so we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s the perfect time to keep your pet hydrated, your floors clean, and your life a little easier.

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