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Face Off - Double-layer Ripped Mask

Face Off - Double-layer Ripped Mask

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Blood Double Mask

 Scare your friends this Halloween!! 

Halloween Double-layer Ripped Mask Bloody Horror Skull 

Experience optimal comfort while wearing this mask for an evening of celebratory amusement. Don't limit this masterpiece to just Halloween! Stand out at costume parties, cosplay conventions, haunted houses, and theatrical productions year-round.



Easy to Remove 

Magnets are embedded on both sides of the mask, so you can remove and reinstall the mask at any time. Very solid without worrying about the mask falling off.


Amaze your Friends 

Be the life of the party Eye-catching, two-tone construction with torn edges for a more dynamic look and feel.

Easy to Wear

This mask is user-friendly, especially for those unfamiliar with mask-wearing. 

Transformable Terror

Our mask isn't just a mask; it's an experience. The detachable face allows you to switch between terrifying expressions instantly. Go from a sinister grin to a bone-chilling skeleton adapting to your character's mood. 



The package includes:1pcs Halloween Mask

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