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Hot / Cold Therapy Headache Migraine Relief Cap

Hot / Cold Therapy Headache Migraine Relief Cap

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Goodbye Migraine, Hello Relief!

Quickly soothe or prevent migraines anywhere using cold or hot compression therapy. The cap's cloud-like fabric paired with premium gel inserts guarantee a perfect fit for anyone while providing hot or cold compression for up to 1 hour.

Quick Relief In 3 Easy Steps:

Keep in freezer for cold therapy or microwave for 15 seconds if you'd like hot therapy. Wear over your entire face, doubling as an eye mask or just above the eyebrows. Experience instant relief! Guaranteed results for any type of headache.

Drug - Free Pain Relief.

This Migraine Relief Mask is a cold therapy migraine relief mask with NO Velcro and NO hard Ice. It's comfortable & stretchable, which makes it the perfect ice pack for headaches and migraines. It helps relieve tension, sinus pressure & provides stress relief. 



Hot or Cold Compress

Made with cutting-edge material and expert-grade gel, this one size fits all stretchable compression mask, is exactly what you need when you're in pain. It's dark material also helps block the light to alleviate sensitivity while wearing. 


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