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Magical Water Painting Pens

Magical Water Painting Pens

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Kids always saying they're bored?

Put away the video games & less screen time ! 

They'll never be bored again! 

Want to get them creating and crafting without all the messy clean-up that comes with it? Magical Floating Drawing pens  changes everything ! 



Less Screen Time 

Our magic pens are the simplestress-free and fun way to give the kids an activity that’ll keep them entertained for hours and hours

Creating without mess 

 With Magical Water Painting Pens, you can foster their creativity without the hassle of having to clean up afterwards. And, because it’s water soluble, they won’t have to worry about any stains on the family furniture.

 Makes a great gift


It's an ideal way to brighten anyone's day and encourage creativity. Just add water and you'll be able to paint beautiful designs and unleash your inner artist.


Stress free fun   

Our magic pens are the simple, stress-free and fun way to give the kids an activity that’ll keep them entertained for hours and hours. The water painting pens are non-toxic and safe for kids to use, meaning parents can feel secure knowing that their child is having a creative and educational experience.


How to Use 

1. Prepare a basin of cold water, do not use hot water! 

2. A dry spoon, don't stick to the water!  (must be a ceramic spoon, iron spoons cannot be used; mirrors are fine too)

3. Draw the pattern you like, wait for a while after painting, and wait for the painting to dry 

4. Slow down when you put it in the water, shake it up and down gently, and let the pattern float 

Note: When painting again, be sure to wipe off the water on the spoon! ! 








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