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Infant Animal Toy's

Infant Animal Toy's

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Plush toys will capture your baby's interest to develop their hand, foot and eye co-ordination. 

🥰Keep Baby Happy

Featuring toys made of soft cotton and are 100% BPA-free! Passed the American Children Product Certification. Take it easy and let our stroller toys accompany your cute baby.


💝Surround Babies Every Moment:

ou can easily wrap the soft toy around the car seat, stroller bar, bassinet, crib rails, baby carrier, or shopping cart handles, allowing the baby to play anytime.It will be a babysitter to accompany baby while on the road trip.



🎶Attract Babies Attention

Develop baby's emotion, vision, grasping, tactile senses, and hand-eye coordination naturally.  Hanging characters encourage babies to reach, pull and squeeze.

 Recommend Age: 13-24m



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