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Tidy Tote ™ Drawstring Cosmetic Travel Bag

Tidy Tote ™ Drawstring Cosmetic Travel Bag

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 Tired of spending time going through multiple items of makeup in order to find your favorite lipstick?

 Introducing the  Tidy Tote ™ 

Say goodbye to the hassle of getting ready and hello to effortless beauty with Tidy Tote ™  Created to solve the common makeup frustrations, our product helps you quickly and easily achieve beautiful results.


 Drawstring Cosmetic Bag Benefits 🤍

Time Saver ⏱ - Say goodbye to rummaging through your makeup bag and hello to organized, clutter-free countertops! No more wasting time searching for that one product you need. Easily find what you need, when you need it with  Tidy Tote ™ guarantees to eliminate ALL of your makeup frustrations.

  Durable and Washable 

Made with high-quality materials, the Tidy Tote ™ is built to last. Plus, its washable surface makes it easy to keep clean and maintain the pristine appearance you deserve.


Convenient & Fast 

Fits all of your many makeup items, and it is so  convenient to be able to lay it flat and not have to dig through a makeup bag, and then close it and be ready to pack up a second later ! 

On-the-Go Glam

Whether you're getting ready at home or on the move, the Tidy Tote ™  Makeup Bag is your perfect travel companion. Its compact size easily fits into your purse, tote, or suitcase, ensuring you're always prepared to look your best.

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